FIFA Madness: Historical Date for Africa and Africans Around The Globe

2010 FIFA Fans
2010 FIFA Fans - image: Audrey

IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS we will be experiencing History in the Making, as South Africa becomes the first African country to host the FIFA World Cup on African soil. This is a moment of rejoicing not just for one country, but for an entire continent who has waited many years for this day to come.
Besides all the controversies that surrounded the pick and the challenges to meet deadlines and requirements set by the international committee, South Africa was able to pull it off by providing the necessary venues in order to maintain the 2010 event in the African continent. We have dedicated this May/June issue of ADUNAGOW Magazine mainly to this wonderful achievement to express our gratitude.
In this issue, you will get an exclusive coverage of the 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP SOUTH AFRICA by reading about the qualified teams, the story behind the chosen mascot and the stadiums built to host this great event. At the same time, you will also read about the top Five African soccer players that will be attending the world cup, all with the determination of trying to get to the final and be crowned champions of the world.

FIFA 2010 Official Logo

My personal wish is to see at least one African team make it all the way to the final, but I may be asking for a miracle. Why? Well, read the article from Yona Fares Maro about the reason why African teams never make it to the World Cup in this very same issue.

As tension builds up among us all football  lovers (Yes, not soccer, but Football, as it is appropriately called around the globe), get your jerseys out and fix yourself your favorite half time meal (not snack), because it’s game time. Want to try an African dish for the event? Check out the wonderful Chicken A la Muambe recipe (Chicken with Peanut Butter Sauce) provided by Mrs.. Kanyiki on this very same issue. Hold on to your pants because starting June 11, we will have a whole month of fine football actions that will lead to many  fresh water cooler discussion topics.
As the event comes to an end on July 11, please remember that life continues even if the team you had chosen to support did not make it all the way through and your friend has won all the bets. Store your jersey back in your drawer for the next four year and get ready for more exciting African events, such as the Miss Africa USA Beauty Pageant 2010 covered on this very same issue (I tell you, we’ve got you covered), which will take place this year in Washington, DC on July 24.

Nyasha Zimucha - Miss Africa USA 2009
Nyasha Zimucha - Miss Africa USA 2009

Read about the finalists and go ahead and support your African ladies as they take on the stage to bring awareness to causes that matter for all of us, while displaying their indisputable supreme beauty at the same time. These wonderful ladies are not just beautiful, but very talented and educated; you will not be disappointed.
To close, we provide you with an exclusive interview and open letters from a man that could eventually just be the next presidential candidate for the election in 2011 in Congo-Kinshasa. Politics is not my cup of tea, but I do recognize change when I see it coming. Mr.  Eric Mulalu has ideas that every Congolese around the globe ought at least to read and ponder about. After all, we encourage a thinking and questioning African society; that’s our mission.

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