FIFA 2010 debuts in South Africa!

JOHANNESBURG, June 11, 2010 - What a great show for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa; the very first world up to be played on African soil. With so much negativity following the pick of an African country hosting the world cup, South Africa has set the African standard again by providing an unbelievable great opening show in the eyes of the entire world.

FIFA 2010

This is a great day for all football fans, especially Africans, as the whole world turns their attention to Africa, and for once seeing the African spirit and heart, full of love, passion, and tolerance. This is not the National Geography portrayal of an Africa in constant despair, in plain war and hidden in an infinite surreal jungle. No, this is the real Africa, in charge, displaying the very best of the world, hidden on a continent often stereotyped as the bottom slum of the earth.

Through this event, Africa beauty will be opened to the world and the true African spirit will shine. African artists will be known, African foods will be savored, and African dance will be envied. It's up to us all Africans to take advantage of this opportunity and make an impact on our causes. We have a great continent, blessed with tremendous resources and yet governed poorly. To all our African leaders, we hope they dust off their notebooks and start taking notes of what's happening. We wish all of them a change of heart and that their eyes be opened to what they could gain through a positive leadership of their countries, for their people.

In the meantime, enjoy the show! Cheer for your team and remember Africa: the world is watching. Let's show them the African way! God bless us all and God bless Africa. This is our time and we pride ourselves on what we have achieved.

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