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Eric Mulalu
Eric Mulalu

Always a Congolese, married and a father, I am an entrepreneur in France, Africa and Malaysia.
Besides that, in addition to be the leader of opinions and future presidential candidate in 2011, he is the head of four local associations working actively for the development, non-alienation, peace and cultural mix, including the DRC , Rally Of Congolese registered in the prefecture of Tarn and Garonne in France May 15, 2002, the ADF registered under the prefecture of Morlaix May 25, 1998; DRC wake up call recorded in Austin Texas April 22, 2010.
The DRC is responsible for legal support of Congolese families department, as well as assistance for their repatriation to the Congo, families willing to resettle. The DRC has initiated such project in Bandundu CONGOLAND RETOURS VERS LA TERRE, in fact, on 1047 acres of land it is proposed with the advice of an agronomist, 2 acres of land, seeds and shelter to every family that will take up residence there.
The ADF, with his project APAL argues valiantly against illiteracy in the whole sub-region lakes.
DRC wake up call is aware of the diaspora to wake up consciences in order to raise the Congo. At present, I am offered a sabbatical to travel the world around the project WAKE UP CALL. And I will pass by you next July.
It is important to note that so far we have needed any help financially. All these activities are financed with funds generated by my own business.

Eric Mulalu gives an answer to a question from Achilles Kalombo Mulumba, a young Congolese student at Aachen-Rothe Erde (Ghetto), Germany:

“Today’s Westerns who are seeking globalization, the exploitation and neo-colonization of our continent, will they agree to see a Congo built upon itself, and living a revolution that will prevent them access to all interest that they have on Africa and especially on the Congo?
Can  the Congolese people count and hope that his country would one day experience a radical change? What is the likely route to take to get there? “

Mr Mulumba, “Concert of Nations” is a term often used by many in a twisted way. However, this term simply means nothing more nor less than  this: “UNITED IN INDEPENDENCE”.

Once a country has emerged from the bondage of his former masters, it becomes “CONCERT OF NATIONS” of the world and enjoys the UN resolutions on the inviolability of its borders.
It only depends on its citizens then, to show firmness and integrity to accept whatever the crises and difficulties, to extol the values of dignity, of selflessness and construction. A people united in faith overcomes inexorably one day, the pangs of insecurity and say STOP  to “assistanat”, the little skulduggery, corruption, as well as to a foreign controlled economy. It’s then that it will manage to cut the umbilical cord that will deliver it from the yoke of old and new settlements to one day embrace its development and full autonomy.

Disobedience is SERVED BY CLEARED I said ... We are free Mr Mulumba FREE!

Create, invent, write our history, let’s show ourselves as scrupulously stubborn , but do it NOW because all indicators of competence reflect our irrevocable capacity. We have the potential. Yesterday, we couldn’t talk about scholarship, strength and freedom. Today, we know how to use all three! We just need a rigorous governance project and a starting signal!
We have the manpower and networks, “nothing ventured, nothing gained” to quote the other! The strength resides in the manpower, and MEN, we are! This means that in us lives the undoubtedly active FORCE of will power! It only asks from us to be unleashed so that its talent could benefit children in Africa and in the Congo!

Just taking a look at the bordering countries,  they have done everything to refrain Kenya from taking lead over the powerful U.S., but they have failed, because history is in the making. And now for us, will they forid us from taking control of our own land?

And dear friend, unjustified embargoes ,hand-made, sub-guardianships, , the cabal behind closed doors by the unchallenged hegemony of a handful of big arms, THAT IS ALL FINISHED!

Finished are the nabobs square jaw. The masters of the world, are they not now Black, Indian, Arabic or Japanese?
G6 in 75, have’t we reached up to G7 and G8? Aren’t we planning for the summit in France in 2011 to go to G14 with the entry in the running of China, Brazil, Mexico, India, Egypt and South Africa? Who would have thought?
Why not a G15 with Congozaza the day after tomorrow?

Nyonso eza kaka lisolo ya “LISOLO” ndéko na nga!
To yeba ko solola, we have finally adopted my RC philosophy: “Reverence”  Yes, “Bowing down” NADA! Gone are the days of “yes sir”!
For in order to to have negotiations, there must be reciprocity in sharing, even uneven, but not to our eternal detriment!
How many times has he not been demonstrated that they need us as much as we need them?
Only the supremacy which was donated by these outdated alliances maintained by our unfit and immoral leaders is the basis of our unspeakable poverty!

Today we are grown ... We know now how to negotiate! EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE !
If Egypt, South Africa, and soon Morocco are at that point, why not us? What do they have that is better than us, except a tiny bit of organization?
We have vision and rights, let us impose one and claim the other. We have played the good students game for too long and have confused obsequiousness and duty! While cultivating Boboto, bomoto and Bolingo (MAINLY Bolingo dear brothers), let us rise  and there will be no more choice for the West but to follow our route.
Nga soki nga ba Bomi Lelo will you not take the lead? Will they exterminate a whole population?


The FDLR continues to kill and rape in North Kivu ...
The LRA continues to sow terror, according to John Holmes ...
What is the solution to all these threats? Does the DR Congo has the means to cope with a new war?
The coordinator of UN humanitarian affairs John Holmes urged the international community to do its utmost to put an end to what he described as a reign of terror of Ugandan rebels.

Directed to the Congolese people,

Dear brother and sister, Madam,
The time nourishes the dilemma at the expense of the life of Congo. And like all quality dilemma, we must take a position in production, lacking the “right to error” Unfortunately, the best diagnosis and work in proportion to the size of the equation ...
It appears to me clearly, as in all, a labyrinth of confusion seems to offer very few options and exits; YET ... I want to ask three simple questions: Which of us has all been done yesterday or recently a survey of opinions among the people of the Great Lakes? Whom of us has interviewed the brother of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Angola on the future of our relationships, our people and our sub-region?
If it is highlighted here, the bloody terrors of the FDLR, RPF / RPA (death squads) and other Ugandan LRA, must we associate this terrors with the people of these countries?
What is their share in all this? What does it say? What would they recommend?
I am tempted to believe, in my analysis that the stumbling block lies on the multidimensional nature of our resentment, sometimes unjustified, against Rwanda! Let us calm our minds, who have been too long atrophied by the hatred that has, of course, for these nameless horrors!
After we have established our diagnosis, evil and its origins are therefore revealed ...
The conquest by Paul Kagame, a plot of land after another without a response from us, ended up fueling his delusions of grandiosity to the point of reaching the heart of our great country, thus saving his own country under developed country! Not a Bedouin who respect itself, will let go without fighting, an oasis gained without a fight! Neither her children nor her family nor her friends can not understand a pseudo owner, ages later, come to claim any property!
Kagame, smart as he is, has smelled the good deal and now knows that the success of his Machiavellian requires the maintenance of a permanent opposition between his people and ours.
My friends, as long as peace will lack between us children of the Great Lakes, never again, we will know tranquility. I personally have no problem with the people of Rwanda. I count them also as friends, and brothers ... But unfortunately I also know that the patriotism in them, is as great as ours that is miserable. If they have been taught by Kagame, he’s god, we are likely never to be in agreements on endogenous causes of our endless quarrels. But if it is, however, still possible to issue this message of peace, through unconditionally neutralizing Kagame to the west and east, then we can win everything. Peace is a journey that, for his path requires the active participation of each stakeholder, involvement of ALL, ALL, without exception!
Our people, yes, have everything to gain by being, living, making, and building together!
With the combination of neighboring Tanzania, we would be the most beautiful region of the world ... Imagine starting transcontinental Indian Ocean in Dar-es-alam, through Tanzania to Dodoma in Tanganyika between a viaduct that joins the Congo and a communicating channel that connects the Atlantic by Boma ... Imagine this unprecedented commercial traffic agreeing the United Arab Emirates, Africa and Central and South America ...
No my brothers, we are not in the illusion of an imaginary world but certainly in front of a pharaonic project, but realistic because of our opportunities. Yes, we can and it is up to our political will. If our representatives are not worthy to embody our hopes, well let’s replace them! RIGHT NOW ... Let us rise and walk my friends both in Congo towrads Rwanda (towards, and not ON, I insist). Let’s come together to reclaim our stolen country’s west, east and abused lost fraternity!
We signed in 1960, 30 June, the UN resolution 1541 granting us independence, sovereignty and inviolability of borders of the great Congo, this is an irrevocable granted action! Let us remember those who suddenly went blind and those from whom we expect nothing but a VETO ... For although to build Africa we do not need anybody, it is the duty of these men to justify the raison d’etre of the United Nations! Open your eyes and see how everything is done to numb the spirits and blind the minds! The Congo is not to Angola or Rwanda or to anyone, but to Zaire ONLY! No one shall undertake tomorrow to go swimming without reprisal... However, God wants us to enjoy peace with our brothers, at last!
This, in my opinion, the sine qua non for anticipating a balkanization next to what, I’m afraid we could not keep up!
YES, it is necessary that the very name of love, we refassions peace with ours, ALL ours!
At the head of the army, I WANT TO BE YOUR CANDIDATE!
If I have to fight for my people, it is against Kabila and Kagame that the fight must take place, and not against a people just as regimented and subject as ours!
The numbers and balances are there, Rwanda has also suffered unspeakable cruelties, same as the Congo. And even if peace requires prerequisites that require us to bet on every eventuality, follow the blue sky above the great lakes, which is the same for all people! PEACE & LOVE.

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