The Key to Africa Development

As rich and resourceful Africa seems to be, it is one of the poorest continent in the world, still struggling on catching up with the world when it comes to development.

Preserving African Cultures in a Western Society

If you were born in Africa, you will remember seeing this on a daily basis: a mother carrying a child tucked in on her back by a piece of clothing, tightly wrapped around her chest and waist. The intimacy shared between the mother and the child can be testified by the piece and serenity displayed on the child’s face.

36-year-old Nere Teriba is building Nigeria’s first gold refinery

Her name is Nere Teriba, she is young but her determination and ambitions are limitless. At just 36 years of age, Nere Teriba is the Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Kain Smith Trade & Co. Ltd, a company she created in 2012, and which is very active in consulting, extractive industries, mining concession management and mineral trading in Nigeria.

Video – Africa Straight Up – Official Film

With more than a billion people spread across 54 countries speaking more than 3,000 languages, Africa cannot — and should not — be limited to a single narrative. Africa Straight Up is a more complete story about Africa and its diaspora.