Happy New Year 2011
Happy New Year 2011
Happy New Year 2011

 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 to all our readers, writers, supporters, partners, advertisers, clients, and bloggers! 2010 was surely a year to remember as we brought more interviews and incredible stories to you. ADUNAGOW Magazine has been spreading like wild fire within African communities and throughout the net, reaching more people than we ever expected.

We are humbled and touched by the amount of support we received on 2010 and we hope to bring you more good news and great articles and interviews for 2011. What else can I say that has not been said? We pray for the safety of everyone, including our enemies! We hope the New Year brings more challenges so that we can move forward, more opportunities so that we can demonstrate our talents, and definitely, more successes so that we can push our goals even further: reaching Africans around the Globe, creating a new thinking and questioning African society.

 For our African leaders, I pray that this could be a year of renewal and revelation. I call for a renewal of your mentality to bigger and better things that can be accomplished if we can work for the good of our beautiful Continent. I call for the revelation of the hidden potential that many of you tend to over look: the power of your people, filled with wisdom, educational level topping the roof, and tremendous will of reconstructing their countries.

For all Africans: let the New Year bring you out of your shell and to the light of realization that you have all it takes to be the greatest; believe on what YOU can do for your country and not what your leaders can do for you. It starts in our own homes and families, when we decide to become greater than the statistical figures and raise above all fears and obstacles, accepting nothing less than greatness for our kids, our spouses, our communities, and most of all: ourselves.

For All Non-Africans: we hope that ADUNAGOW Magazine has been unveiling to you more about true Africans; Africans like never seen before. Let the New Year brings more discoveries through ADUNAGOW Magazine about African culture, music, lifestyle, and entertainment, while not ignoring all our pains and troubles.

For All our contributors: I'm speechless when it comes to your dedication and support. I know how you align yourselves to support our goals and our mission. Please know that we cannot do this without your support. Thank you to all our celebrity friends who have taken the time to share their lives and thoughts through our Magazine, bringing more readership and participation from our readers. Your lives inspire us to reach for greatness while keepin' it real. It's great to have amazing role models like you, in a world filled with superficial and gold diggers (better yet, moral destroyers).

I conclude by launching a challenge to the remaining Africans out there that have not yet joined the revolution: You are great! We need you to realize that you have what it takes to change your homes, communities, and nations. Don't ever under-estimate yourself lower than anyone in the world. What you possess is unique to you. Like a jigsaw puzzle, the picture cannot be revealed without you: let's all get plugged in and paint the new face of Africa, together as it should be.

Thank you for joining ADUNAGOW Magazine and we wish you and your entire family plenty of success and prosperity for the New Year. Let God be your guide and help you find your purpose in life.  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!

Eric Adunagow,

Chief Editor & Owner, ADUNAGOW Magazine

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