JAN/FEB 2011 Issue:

  • Music - Yela
  • Celebrity Bio - 2Face
  • TP Mazembe - Pulling Off the Biggest Shock in the History of the Club World Cup
  • Samuel Eto'o - 2010 Best African Player of the Year.
  • Book Preview - Pathos of a Wilting Rose
  • Sudan: The Great Divorce - Splitting up the largest African Country.
  • Black History - Biography of Barack Obama, the First Black U.S. President.
  • Smartphones - 5 Ways to save money using these expensive little gadgets
  • Tax Tips - Avoiding the most common tax filing mistakes in 5 easy steps
  • Winter Weather facts - How to be prepared and stay healthy in winter
  • Valentine's Day Gifts - Gifts ideas.


  • Eric Mulumba Zozo - Congolese Economist and CEO of Aid for Well Being.
  • Mariane Ilunga - Owner and Fashion Designer, Stylissima
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