The Key to Africa Development

Africa is blessed with natural resources and human force, yet, lacking leadership and perspective, the continent still encounters various problems of development.
As a result, Africa's gross domestic product (GDP) per capita has remained low compared to other developing areas. In Africa's case, most of the continent is underdeveloped with the majority of it being in need for development. The biggest problem facing the continent is that of severe poverty and underdevelopment.

Only 17 out of thirty African countries have met the World Bank's target to reduce poverty to 10% by 2015. To even do that, African countries are failing to boost their economies, develop industries and improve living standards for their residents. This is the main reason why most people in Africa are still living in poverty.

The situation in Africa has been described as a 'stronger case' than Japan after World War II, when the Asian country needed decades of industrialization and rebuilding. In spite of being rich in natural resources, it took Japan 50 years before it could reach a GDP per capita of $ 20 000 US dollars at the beginning of 1960s. The situation in Africa, on the other hand, is more than 60 years behind. African countries are still far from fulfilling their immense developmental potential.

While African countries are facing issues of unemployment and poverty, they still need to develop the infrastructure demand of industries like manufacturing, mining and agriculture. In addition to that, they also need to improve their educational standards which is crucial in order for Africa to develop economically since it mainly determines how capable a particular country is at domestic production and exports. Thanks to the continent's vast resources such as oil, gold and diamonds. While Africa is rich in natural resources and human force, it lacks leadership.

In order to solve Africa's problems of development, a serious and effective leadership and management is needed. There is a need for individual countries to have efficient and committed leadership.

A democratic system is needed for African countries to keep their public affairs transparent. They also need to take advantage of the knowledge, technology and capital available from the outside world in order to improve their economy; especially from developed countries where most of the goods are manufactured in comparison with the lack of manufacturing facilities in Africa.

Furthermore, African countries need a new perspective on development that will help them make use of their resources more effectively instead of constantly seeking aid from the outside world.

How can Africa move from the bottom to the top in regard to development? Top 3 things that need to be in place:

  1. Leadership mentality change - Witout leaders that can put their countries first before themselves, Africa will go no where. New Leadership mentality is needed to unlock Africa potential, and bringing control on the rest of the world looting its resource.
  2. Infrastructure - Development cannot grow without infrastructure. Africa needs roads that can move products and people from one countries to another, facilitating internal and external trades.
  3. Safety and Stability - Unfortunately, development cannot take place in an unstable and unsafe place. In order to ensure progress, safety and stability needs to be a priority for the new leadership in order to attract investors and also nurture internal growth from Africans themselves.

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