Olatide Adéniyi – Exclusive Interview

Olatide Adeniyi

Olatide (Tide) Adeniyi was born in Washington D.C. where she spent her childhood. She moved to Lagos, Nigeria during her teenage years and acquired an appreciation and passion for the arts while attending high school. In 2002, she returned to the Washington D.C. area to attend university. She holds a Bachelor degree in Economics and currently works as a full-time Analyst as she explore her creative side.
Her inspiration for Fashion Design came in 2007 as a sporadic thought to make her own dress for an event because she could not find a dress that had the perfect fit. The idea seemed laughable to her at the time as she had no prior design or sewing experience, until she purchased her first sewing machine and began bringing her first sketch to life. The garment was a success; so she began designing and sewing as a hobby, making it apparent that this should be her next business venture.
Syling hair is another natural trait that Tide possesses. In the early 90’s, her mother sought her own passion and graduated from the Dudley School of Cosmetology to become a part-time Esthetician and Hair Stylist. Although she did not directly train Tide, the exposure had an impact on her at such a young age.


Thank you Olatide for taking the time to respond to our interview questions.

[PERSONAL] AM: Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
Olatide: Well, my full name is Olatidé Adéniyi but most people call me Tidé. I am from Nigeria but was born in Washington D.C. where I spent most of my childhood. I am a graduate from the University of Maryland where I got my Bachelor’s degree in Economics and I work currently as a Financial Analyst while also building my fashion line.

AM: How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Olatide: I have only 1 sister.

AM: Where are you from originally?
Olatide: My state of origin is Osun State which is in the western part of Nigeria.

AM: Who are your role models?
Olatide: My biggest role model is my mother. She’s an extremely hardworking and independent woman who has thought my sister and I how to be self-sufficient in all aspects of life.  She is very supportive in anything I choose to do and I love her for that. Another role model of mine is Beyoncé Knowles; there is just something about her presence on stage. To me she is the best female performer in today’s music industry and over the years, haven been to her concerts and seen her about 5 times, I can sense the passion and dedication she has for and puts into her craft and I admire her for that. It acts as a reference for me and my view on my craft.

MAY/JUN 2011 Issue

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MAY/JUN 2011 Issue of ADUNAGOW Magazine. SPECIAL REPORT on Immigration and Race Relations. Exclusive Interviews with Meron Abebe (Model), Emem Archibong (Singer), and Olatide Adéniyi (Designer). Also on this issue: discussion about racism in Football (soccer), Surviving Infidelity, and Treating Arth…

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