Dora Enwere, 24 years old, 5 companies, philanthropist, entrepreneur and activist who feeds more than 500 kids daily

This is the amazing story of a young, beautiful Nigerian philanthropist, entrepreneur and activist Dora Enwere who devotes her time, effort and resource to charity.

Dora is the founder and manager of Dora Aid Foundation, which is a non-governmental organization that was created in 2012 to defend children rights, health and education. In her own words, she describes the organization as; “A foundation that focuses on promoting child education, supporting child health and championing child rights. We do this by initiating outreaches, campaigns, interventions and projects, that secure access to education, health, and nutrition for less privileged kids in local communities”.

In the last six years, the organization claims to have impacted the lives of more than 4, 500 people and carried out several awareness programs in Nigeria. During an interview with the Pleasure Magazine, Dora confirmed this by saying: “It is our Vision to create an environment of support that empowers children of all backgrounds to aspire for greatness. The Dora Aid Foundation believes firmly in the rights and total wellbeing of children. We have affected the lives of several young, displaced and underprivileged children. In the last six years, we have had interventions in areas such as tuition, books, uniforms, meals, and access to specialized healthcare that have reached over 4,500 beneficiaries.”

Born and raised in Lagos, Dora is from a modest home. She was not born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth. However, she consciously uses her skills, intellect and small resources to have a positive impact on humanity and her immediate environment. Dora attended primary and secondary school in Lagos State Nigeria.

When she reached 19 years of age, she traveled to South Africa to study Psychology at the University of South Africa. Though at that time, her parents could not support her financially during her stay in South Africa, Dora had to combine work with academics in order to see herself through school. Her devotion to charity can be traced back to the time when she was just 10 years old and was suffering from a kidney disease that nearly killed her. The doctors were very pessimistic about her recovery; they even asked her parents to prepare for her death. To the point that, when her parents wanted to send her abroad for treatment, the doctors told them that it was a useless step. Nevertheless, her parents never lost hope and Dora survived thanks to a miracle during a prayer meeting. This experience changed her life and since then, she has dedicated her time and resources to help children and women who may have lost hope. "Where there is life, there is hope," she always repeats.

The girl began to regularly visit orphanages and prisons to offer gifts to disadvantaged people and prisoners. At the age of 18, she told her parents that she wanted to register a non-governmental organization (NGO) that would address the needs of children's well-being, health, and education. That is how Dora Aid Foundation (DAF) was born.

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