The number of African foreign-born immigrants in the United States is on a continuous increase. There are an estimated 1.2 millions African-born residents living in the U.S.A.; over 80% increase since 2000.
Although the number of African-born immigrants living in the United States makes up only about 3 percent of the total foreign-born population, it’s on a very fast rise. According to research, the African immigrant community is now at a stage where chain migration is beginning to occur, as more Africans become citizens, permanent residents, and native-born and eligible to bring their families to the U.S.
This surge will bring exposure of African culture within the United States and the need to fill the demand for this new economic group. Stores such as Walmart and ALDI would have to carry “African foods” on their shelves - Chinese stores will lose their exclusivities. DirecTV and Dish Network will seek more African media in order to attract and fulfill the new market’s need.

Many of us living in the United States will agree that we are already seeing these changes happening. For example, you can now buy coffee from Africa in major food chains. Dish Network carries a premium African channel called Afrotainment targeting this increasing group.
Even if Africans are well educated and most likely to be in the labor force than either natives or foreign born, a higher percentage of these immigrants live at or below poverty compared to the native born or all foreign born. Their high education does not always translate to professional jobs in the U.S., but instead in low paying service industries such as taxi driving, street vending, and fast food chains.
ADUNAGOW Magazine was created with this vision in mind; providing a media for Africans to read more about their communities and about successful Africans living the American dream. Our goal is to showcase the best of Africa in order to uplift young Africans in the United States to seek higher than their immigrant fathers and mothers, who have sacrificed their lives in order to seek a better life in the Land of the Free, with the hope of providing to their children, the life that they wished they could have had back home.
In summary, African communities are growing within the U.S. and we need to help and encourage the new immigrants to seek higher and maintain a positive contribution to America. Our African culture is rich and beautiful, easy to fall in love with.
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Eric Adunagow
Executive Editor

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