What an amazing year 2008 has been for ADUNAGOW Magazine! Our editorial team provided amazing contents, great interviews with various African celebrities, and a superb interaction from our readers through feedback and article submittals. We thank every single one of our readers and subscribers - visitors included! - for keeping us online and believing on our vision.

Yes, Africans should never been see the same way as before: stereotyped as lazy, low class, un-educated, and coming straight out of the jungle. We are the next generation of Africans that make the change in the world.

With that said: we welcome year 2009 with great passion and confidence that this is the Year of Africa and Africans! This is The Year of victory and change. Our theme for this year is AFRICA: THE NEXT BIG THING.

Africa will be talked about throughout this New Year, and we're hoping for the positive image of us all. This is the time of taking the leap of faith for anything that we're doing and we're working on. For many of us, we are well enough positioned to do so. Yet, for many others, it's the time for a dramatic 180 degree turn for their first time. ADUNAGOW Magazine will be here to document your progress and your success, because we believe in good news influencing good behavior and positive thinking.

Embrace yourself this year for more interviews with hottest African celebrities and everyday people just like you making the difference. We have more contents ready to make you take the leap to the next level. The only thing that we ask of our readers is their full participation. Share. Speak up. Blog out. Participate as much as you can. Let this year be the end of procrastination in your life, and let the go getter attitude surround you for a prosperous year.

Once again, Happy New Year 2009 and we are here to nourish your brain as always with positive content and excellent presentation. Let's take this year down!


Chief Editor

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