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Serge Ibaka Moving to Toronto

The Orlando Magic have finally agreed to trade their recently acquired power forward Serge Ibaka to the Toronto Raptors, for Terrence Ross and the 2017 first-round pick. Ibaka has been playing for the Magic since the off season after leaving…

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 Q: Is it OK for a married person to have their ex(es) as "Friends" on their Facebook page?

Apparently Facebook has been raking havoc on African marriages in the Diaspora (especially in Europe) because of too many men and women rekindling old flames in their current relationships. We've heard cases of divorces and even suicides in this subject.

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Fans Question of the Week: "Why don't you publish News such as ongoing religious and civil wars in Africa?"

 AM Editorial: We believe there are enough bad news published already over the internet about Africa and Africans. Our Editorial team believes in sharing more positive activities to enrich our readers with Good and positive attitude."

"For every bad news published, we should have Ten good news posted. We are in the business of feeding readers with good and positive thoughts, not eroded and corrupted ones." - Eric Adunagow

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 Q: Can you rate the following from most critical to least critical, in relation to African countries Development needs?

  1. Energy
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Internet
  4. Unity
  5. Education

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