Trident3 Takes Midwest Fashion Week Beyond the Midwest

INDIANAPOLIS, November 4, 2022 – For nearly two decades, Berny Martin, CEO, and Founder of Midwest Fashion Week (MFW) has taken his show on the road to fashion markets such as New York, Paris, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Johannesburg. With Trident3, MFW will now enter the new world of Web3 with NFTs and metaverse experiences.

Starting with the Indianapolis runway show, titled IMAGINEXTION, Trident3 will create only 20 limited edition, dynamic NFTs being used as digital tickets with one-of-one digital designs. The tickets will give each holder access to exclusive events and access to designers with the tickets becoming collector items themselves.

An NFT silent auction will be held with each designer creating a unique digital-twin (both digital and physical) design of a one-of-one outfit. Each digital asset will come with exclusive utilities such as becoming a wearable NFT in the metaverse, use as a social media avatar, having the design physically created for the owner, plus behind-the-scenes designer interviews and original sketches.

In the shows following, Trident3 and MFW will be adding new experiences and features such as metaverse stores, custom-designed outfits, and digital wearable collections.

Trident3 Becomes the Official NFT/Metaverse Partner for Midwest Fashion Week

According to Berny Martin, “We believe the future of the fashion industry needs to be in the digital realm and metaverse with unique digital products such as NFTs that have cool experiences, exclusive access to things that were once unattainable, and provide a chance to be more connected with the brand. We partnered with Trident3 because of their turnkey tech, creativity, and most of all, their deep data capabilities with AI at the center.”

The fashion industry has been an early adopter of blockchain technology with major brands seeing initial success in Web3. Some key highlights include Gucci, the first major luxury fashion house to sell NFTs, RTFKT becoming a specialist in selling virtual sneakers, Louis Vuitton celebrating its 200th birthday with “Louis the Game”, an NFT collectors’ game, and NFTs making a real impact at fashion week this year.

“We are so excited to partner with Berny Martin and Midwest Fashion Week! Their platform provides opportunities to aspiring fashion designers, models, stylists, photographers, and fashion marketing and production professionals and has helped launch careers for several high-profile fashion professionals.

Each aspiring designer is creating their own brand and Web3 is the ideal environment where communities and fans are forming around their shared love for these brands. We at Tridend3 are thrilled to enable these designers to connect with their communities at a deeper level,” said Trident3’s CEO, Steve Goldstein.

IMAGINEXTION will take place at the Indianapolis Artsgarden on November 6, 2022, and will host a variety of celebrity guests, influencers, and feature live entertainment in addition to the runway show. Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the Fashion Community Foundation and can be purchased online at:

About Midwest Fashion Week
Midwest Fashion Week is a fashion production company founded in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2006.  What began as a small event series in Indianapolis has grown to include numerous events on both a national and international level including Chicago, New York, and Paris. Over the last 15 years, Midwest Fashion Week has had the privilege of showcasing the talents of more than 300 designers from several different countries and helped to launch careers for a number of high-profile fashion professionals through its supportive and collaborative community.

About Trident3
Tridentis a professional services and technology company combining the best of a Web3 agency, with true full-stack technology solutions, and an AI-driven data analytics suite for NFTs, metaverse, and Web3 applications. Trident3 provides a white-label, enterprise, all-in-one, Web3 solution for brands and IP owners allowing them to build and own the community ecosystem for their consumers and fans. Their proprietary platform allows businesses and brands to launch and own their NFT projects, marketplaces, and communities like never before.

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