A-Jane SS19 is a study of the aesthetics behind "repetition"; a journey taking us to "there is no repetition." This collection is called "Repetition?". It is about exploring conflicts between the norm and the new; to discover that there is no repetition even when it appears to be repeating itself in all possible ways.

You may find various calculations in proportions that are practiced in the "no repetition" concept. SS19 Repetitions? is the play of volumes in space, clashing colors and strong modern art form, but still RTW.

....inspired by my music. The concept of "Neue Musik" is abrasive, nearly inaudible, repetitious, and incomprehensible. I want to connect and apply this philosophical and controversial direction of art into my latest collection to become what I call "New Fashion." I believe and I am consumed by Adorno's aesthetics of negation and the philosophy of repetition and there is no repetition from Soren Kierkegaard.


Originally from Malaysia, Alice Jane studied New Music Composition at the University of Music Freiburg, Germany where she immersed herself in abstract forms of art and learned to challenge mainstream norms. By swimming through what may appear as a sea of confusion, she, in fact, unleashed her passion for philosophical art on the outer boundaries.

Creation of New Music, or Neue Musik, allowed her to push her own creativity envelope like never before and now manifests into her designs.

A-JANE is about exploring your most inner depth of self, emotions, fears, desires, and demons. New Fashion is just the medium for exposing these depths; it is the complex fusion of thought, expressionism, and Neue Musik, where designs challenge you. Alice Jane has morphed into a Fashion Composer where her designs reflect everything that she is.

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