Miss Nigeria In America 2009: Claret Onukogu
Miss Nigeria In America 2009: Claret Onukogu


Claret Onukogu is a 24 year old woman from Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria who was born as the first child out of six children to Ray and Kathryn Onukogu. Some of the adjectives used to describe her include enthusiastic, spiritual, charismatic, intelligent, humble, ambitious, independent, goal-oriented, friendly, graceful, optimistic, outspoken, hard-working, open-minded, courageous, and multicultural. She spent her early childhood in Nigeria where she completed her nursery, primary and part of her secondary education.

She is known for standing out in a crowd amongst the midst of her peers due to her renowned personality, academic and athletic abilities. While in elementary school, she was crowned Miss ESAN and had to represent her school during occasions, debates, and contests. After graduating with distinction at High Gate Elementary School in Lagos State, she was admitted into Federal Government Girls College Ibusa, Delta State. While at FGGC, Ibusa, she was an active member of the student government board. She later relocated to the United States to complete her secondary and University education.

In high school, she was accepted into the Magnet program which requires gifted students in the fields of math and science to maintain an outstanding G.P.A. She was the secretary of the Y-club, an organization dedicated to serve communities nationwide. She was also a member of the Distinguished Ladies of Westlake High School in Georgia State, Thespian, and French Club. At the age of 16, she graduated High school with a magnet seal and was awarded a scholarship to further her education. She obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in Public Health from Armstrong Atlantic State University. While at AASU, due to her passion and open-mindedness towards embracing cultures around the world, she was elected the president of the African Caribbean Student Organization. She earned a scholarship to pursue her graduate studies.

At the age of 23, she became an honor graduate with an MBA/Healthcare Administration Degree from South University. Other honorary awards Claret has earned include Who’s Who among American High School Students, Who’s Who among American College Students, Certificate of Academic Excellence, Outstanding French Student, National Dean’s List, and Minority Academic Awards. Claret’s desire to make a renowned difference in the world has led to her working with the American Red Cross and as an educator with the Housing Authority of Savannah, Georgia State, where she served as a mentor for children from low-socio-economic backgrounds to promote healthy lifestyles and abstinence.

She also volunteers her services to the Cobb and Douglas County Community Services Board in Georgia while working on the “Mothers Making a Change program,” which focuses on providing a better life for battered women and substance abuse treatments to those who need it the most. In 2002, with her parents’ assistance, she developed a non-profit organization called “Africa America Crisis Assistance Network.” The organization focuses on providing selfless humanitarian services to the less fortunate. After traveling to Nigeria for three months to perform extensive humanitarian work, Claret made it her obligation to assist in rectifying some of the key issues in the country which includes human rights, health, education, violence, and crime.

She also wants to be a voice for women who face issues such as spousal abuse, sexual harassments, prostitution, rape and genital mutilation. She feels a pressing need to improve the average quality of life in Nigeria because eventually, she wants to migrate home with her siblings and her unborn children. Her hobbies include acting, dancing, modeling, cooking and writing. As a working model, Claret has also volunteered to support the cause of another non-profit organization called “Hope of Africa”. She is a member of Nigerians in Diaspora, a non-profit organization whose aim is to gather Nigerian professionals to enhance ethnic consciousness and advancement of humanity. Claret strives to reach the peak of her career by becoming a powerful figure in the United Nations whose voice would represent Africans. She plans on furthering her education by obtaining a Doctorate degree in Public Health from Emory University starting from the spring of 2010.
She represented Oyo State in the Miss Nigeria in America Pageant 2009.


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