True Calling – What Only Matters is Your Mission

For some people, choosing what to do as part of their society is more grueling than wandering the desert for 40 years. But it doesn’t take a miracle. If you are looking for some basic guidelines, just follow these signs:

Your talents

Talents are your entrusted abilities inherited at birth and nurtured throughout your life. These are abilities that you excel at without putting out a sweat. Some individuals are gifted in Music, sports, talking, etc... Basically you name any verb and you are guaranteed to find someone talented for it. Your talents are your tools for the society. Use them for the benefit of the society. Can you imagine our world today if people such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Albert Einstein, and George Lucas - just to name a few - ignored their talents? The world would be a different place; no fine classical music, no advanced universe exploration, and no Star Wars.

Your struggles

Believe it or not, your struggles build confidence and adaptability. When we go through hard times, we are more susceptible and concentrated on defining new ways to overcome. We are pushed to the limit of our abilities; and that’s when new unknown abilities will emerge. We can use these moments to define our place in society.

What drives you Crazy

Ever had something that just drives you crazy the way it works or behave? Well, fear not. The rejection feeling that you sense in your heart is pretty much another way for your conscience to agree that “there is a better way.” Take that opportunity to find innovations, new ideas; use it to think outside the box. Instead of stopping at just complaining, go further. Ask yourself why you don’t like the current product or service, and what will make it better for you.

What excites you

This last one is the easiest of all, and sometimes may be related to the first point (your talent). What excites you most should be considered as well as your true calling. It’s better to get paid miserable while doing what you love than to be paid well doing what makes you miserable. Do you love writing? Become a writer (We’re seeking writers!). Love drawing? Become the next Picasso - Better yet, become the next Best thing that has ever happened to Arts: You! - Define yourself from your dream boosters. Society is waiting.

In conclusion, all these signs will help you define your true calling; your mission in this planet of ours. Not finding your true calling is pretty much just existing. There is more to life than existing; there is the “living” part of it as well.

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