Donald Trump is President of the United States. What Now for Africa and Africans?

President Trump gives his inauguration speech as the 45th president of the United States of America

Let's face it, Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America, like it or not. "The Donald" has taken oath as the next ruler of the Free Nation, and for many of us, we wonder if this famous title will remain in the coming days. People are afraid and worried, as the new president paint a dark picture of a long-lost America that needs rescue and revitalization on all aspects.

Donald Trump has kept the same message and tone that got him the leadership seat of the most powerful nation on earth: America and Americans are suffering, living in a ravaged society, being taken over by outsiders. He has promised to re-focus Washington D.C. on the U.S. as he promises to make America "Great again."

As the rest of the world listen to the inauguration speech of the new POTUS (President of the United States), it aches to the fact that the new leader has vowed to put America first as he declares "From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. From this day forward, it's going to be only America first, America first."

Where does this leave Africa and Africans? What about all the U.S. aid and support that African nations have gotten accustomed with as supplemental support to their low GDP economies? One thing is certain, as America re-focus to itself, Africans will feel it. America is turning a blind eye under the new leadership. Africa will not suffer alone though, as Donald Trump promise to bring jobs back to the USA from overseas. Meaning places such as Asia and South America will also have to buckle up on this new ride if the new cabinet stick to their original plans. The promised Mexican wall will be the least of the worry in the new world.

African immigrants in the USA will need to prepare themselves for possible tightening of immigration laws and regulations that will affect both the lawful and unlawful residents. The Diversity lottery (DV) program may become obsolete in the near future by new set of immigration reforms. Immigration lawyers will be on demand for sure in the next four years coming as people scramble to find solutions and ways to remain in the USA under the new regulations.

Donald Trump vows to "Make America Great Again."

Donald Trump will not deal with Africa. Africa is likely to slide down the list of foreign policy priorities of a Donald Trump administration. Trump is likely not going to have an African diaspora representation in the US administration to negotiate African policy agenda. This is because the focus will be on high American crisis areas such as Asia and Europe. This means one dark outcome to Africans: Security is going to be a major issue. Countries under ruthless leaderships will see the protective American security blanket slowly vanish, leading to crisis and wars generated by their own power-hungry leaders. America will just be too busy focusing on its own affairs to provide the needed help. The only way America will help, as mentioned by the newly sworn president during his inauguration speech, will be if "they strongly impinge on American national interests." 

American investment in Africa will be impeded, as Trump plans to focus on re-building American infrastructures. This will mean that the US will re-budget its economy, reducing focus on international aid plans for the support of domestic plans.

The next four year will test Africa's position in the world. Africa can either increase its self-reliance as the USA support disappears and become aware of its need of independence from the west, or launch itself in an exponential decline that will bring its doom as predators (such as Asia and Europe) will profit of the moment to seduce the motherland into additional economical bondage. I hope for the first outcome; an Africa that will work for its people, encouraging cooperation and solidarity among its nations. Donald Trump could be a blessing in disguise for Africa, if Africans take their matters into their own hands. But, it can also be Africa's worst nightmare, bring slow economic growth, dictators empowerment, end to development aid, and invitation to European repercussions.

Now, let us all pray...

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