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TGIF! Here's our Editorial team selection of latest trending African Music from youtube. Spice up your Friday and enjoy these African Music hit songs.

Recipe: Peach Cobbler Cake

This is my quick go to cake that I make when a last minute desert is needed. You can try different fruit combinations such as Apple pie filling with a spice or caramel flavored cake, blueberry or blackberry pie filling…

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Overcoming PayCheck to Paycheck Living

Paycheck-to-paycheck (P2P) living is very stressful and hard to overcome. It happens when you are regularly waiting for your next paycheck before you make any basic financial decision such as paying your bills or buying groceries for your household. It's…

 Q: Can you rate the following from most critical to least critical, in relation to African countries Development needs?

  1. Energy
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Internet
  4. Unity
  5. Education

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African of the Week: Serge Ibaka

The Oklahoma City Thunder is certainly one of the top NBA Basketball team at the moment, featuring great and rising stars such as Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and our African player of the week: Serge Ibaka.

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Recipe: Bananas Foster Cake

For those of you that aren't familiar with Bananas Foster, it’s an awesome dessert, where sliced bananas are cooked in a bubbling pan of dark brown sugar, butter, rum and cinnamon and served over ice cream.

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