Interview Exclusive – Sunday Omony on Plus Size Modeling

Sunday Omony - Ugandan Model

SUNDAY OMONY was born in the war-torn region of northern Uganda. Her family migrated to Canada in 1991. Through life altering situations Sunday has persevered to become a talented plus-size model and humanitarian. She is known for being diverse with regards to look, talent and content. Sunday is a vivacious woman, standing at 5 feet, 9 inches. She has been featured as one of the “Sexiest African Women” by Her glowing and infectious personality has contributed to her success. Sunday is the new spokesperson for Hearts 4 Peace, an organization that offers services and courses in conflict transformation and social justice.

To date Sunday has graced the pages of international magazines such as U.K. based FabAfriq, The Fashion Records, Nigerian based ZEN Magazine Africa and My Black Hair Salons Magazine. Sunday has modeled for Old Navy, Corbis and Veer. She has also become one of the first plus-size, Ugandan models to be featured on publications as diverse as UGPulse, The Acholi Times, The Weekly Albertan, Afrikamerik and more. She has hosted the AfroCanada Beauty Pageant, among other events. Television segments have also enjoyed Sunday’s talent and beauty including NUTV and SHAW TV. Sunday was also a guest on CBC, CJSW  and CMRC radio.

[emag] Thank you Sunday for taking the time to respond to our interview questions.

[PERSONAL] AM: Where are you from originally?
Sunday: Kitgum, Uganda
AM: How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Sunday: One
AM: Who are your role models?
Sunday: My parents, Michelle Obama and Mother Theresa
AM: When you’re not working, what are your favorite things to do?
Sunday: Travel, road trips. concerts and watching independent films.
AM: Currently, where is home? Where are you located presently?
Sunday: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
AM: Can you tell us something about you that people would never guess?
Sunday: Many people don’t believe that I can be very shy at times. Yes, I’m an extrovert but sometimes I become a little mouse depending on the environment.
AM: Favorite sport/hobby? Why?
Sunday: My favorite sport is soccer. I’ve been playing since I was 11 years old.

Sunday's Interview on ADUNAGOW Magazine
[PROFESSION] AM: What advice would you have for an inspiring girl with the dream of becoming a model?
Sunday: I encourage aspiring models to be proud of themselves, their bodies and never give up on their dreams. Surround themselves with positive people that believe in them. I think it’s important to join agencies that are excited about you and want you to succeed. Always do your research and ask lots of questions.
AM: How long have you been modeling?
Sunday: I started modeling in 2004.
AM: When you first started out in the industry, did you ever feel the pressure to “lose weight, and do sample size modeling” or have you always been comfortable in your genre?
Sunday: Yes, when I was 16 years old I did feel pressure to lose weight. I was trying to achieve an unrealistic body that was unattainable for me. When I got started in plus-size modeling later I felt very comfortable with my body and being my natural size. I feel that the plus size division is right for me because know I’ll never be a size four nor do I desire to be.
[PROFESSION]AM: What is unique about being a plus-size model?
Sunday: The fashion industry considers a model over size 6 as plus sized. Generally plus size models are 5’9” and size 10 and up. The only difference between a plus sized and straight sized model are their measurements. I love being a plus-size model because I don’t have to change my body. I can be my natural size and promote a healthy body image. I think that all sizes should be celebrated and represented in the fashion industry.
AM: What is your personal favorite style era/trend?
Sunday: I love the 80s and early 90s. Throughout these years many fashion trends were created. Hair ties and high ponytails. People carrying around a large radio or ghetto blaster is a classic. I also love the graffiti and break dancing culture.
AM: What styles would you love to see resurrected?
Sunday: Overalls, wearing biker shorts under mini skirts and Coca-cola shirts.
AM: What kind of humanitarian work do you do?
Sunday: I’m involved with many organizations such as GuluWalk, Hearts 4 Peace and Unicef. I’m the new spokesperson for Hearts 4 Peace, an organization that offers services and courses in conflict transformation and social justice. I’m honored for this wonderful opportunity as I value and support the initiative of Hearts 4 Peace.
Join me and get involved! For more information about Hearts 4 Peace visit

Sunday's Interview on ADUNAGOW Magazine
[AFRICA] AM: About Africa: What will you keep? What will you change?
Sunday: Africa is a very beautiful place with  lots of potential. There’s some areas that require improvement such education, medical assistance, gender equality and humanitarian welfare.
AM: What’s the best food you crave for always when you visit Africa?
Sunday: Mango and pineapple. Yummy!
AM: What do you see in the future for Africa?
Sunday: I am committed to not only the idea but the reality of an Africa that is able to transcend war, disease and dictators to become what all those who fought for Africa dreamed it could be. I don’t expect it to happen soon but I hope to contribute to the process.
AM: What need to be done in the United States in order to strengthen the African community voice?
Sunday: I believe that as Africans we must come together as a collective to give a powerful voice so that our concerns and ideas can be heard. Support and partnerships  with diverse communities is also vital.

Sunday Omony Interview -
[CLOSURE] AM: Tell us, what is the craziest thing you ever done?
Sunday: The craziest thing I’ve ever done, is probably hugged a stranger in the mall. When I was young I put my little sister in a shopping kart racing down a hill then I accidentally let go and she fell out of the cart after hitting a parked car.
AM: What are your future goals?
Sunday: I have many goals for the future. I hope to continue modeling and acting. It’s always been a goal of mine to do work with the UN Refugee Agency and continue working with charitable organizations that I’m passionate about. I’m hoping to relocate to New York City in the future. It’ll be a great place for me to pursue my goals further.
AM: What’s your favorite summer destination?
Sunday: I love to go to Uganda and Los Angeles.
AM: Will you consider acting in the future?
Sunday: Yes, I’ve been training for many years. I began acting when I was 14 years old. I love the arts and enjoy expressing myself through different forms of art.
AM: Any words of wisdom for all our aspiring readers out there?
Sunday: Always dream big and never give up on your dreams. You must believe in yourself first before you can convince others to believe in you.

AM: Thank you Sunday for taking the time to chat with us. We wish you plenty of success and wisdom in your career.

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MAR/APR 2011 Issue

ADUNAGOW Magazine Issue 20: MAR/APR 2011 Issue

MAR/APR 2011 Issue of ADUNAGOW Magazine. Exclusive interview with Ugandan model Sunday Omony on Plus Size Modeling. Also in this issue, a speech from Mr. Vital Kamerhe, UNC Party president and candidate to the 2011 Presidential Election in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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