Office weight loss techniques

The office environment does not generally lend itself well to helping a person lead a healthy lifestyle. Long periods spent sat down at your desk or in meetings with biscuits, crisps and fizzy drinks only a short walk away at the vending machine. However, you don’t have to give up on being healthy just yet so put down that custard cream and read our 7 tips to helping you stay trim in the office.

1. Instead of emailing people who work on the same floor or in the same building as you why not go and speak to them instead. Although walking to the other end of the office may not be far, it all adds up and over time you’ll be surprised how much ground you cover in a week. Also, face to face conversations can save time and avoid frustrating games of email tennis as you can find out the information you need more quickly by talking to someone directly. You
may even find that people will respond to you better if you’ve taken the time to go and see them rather than send an email

2. Office snacking can become a bad habit and it’s all too easy to get hold of unhealthy food from the staff canteen or vending machines. Instead of waiting until hunger pangs strike, plan ahead and fill your desk draws with some healthy snacks such as nuts, fruit, raisins or raw vegatables such as carrot sticks.

3. Taking regular short walks through the day will not only help shed a few pounds but also relieve stress and help you clear you head and clarify thought processes. Plan in to your daily routine three or four 5 minute walks. You can even go with a colleague and talk about a particular issue or problem you might be trying to solve. You never know,
getting out of the office and walking in the fresh air might just trigger a brain wave!

4. Drinking ice cold water is a great way of helping you lose a few extra pounds. This boosts your metabolism and can help you burn up to 100 additional calories per day whilst simply sitting at your desk. To make the drink a little more interesting try adding a few raspberries or lemon zest.

[PROFESSION] 5. Even if you’re sat at your desk try and stay active. Did you know that spinning on your chair 60 times burns 50 calories. Even standing up or using a wireless headset so you can talk on the phone whilst moving around the office can help keep those pounds off. If you are able to and you don’t mind the odd funny look from you work mates try a few lunges to help get your body active.

6. Take the stairs and ditch the lift. As little as 10 minutes spent walking up and down stairs each day can help you shed 10 pounds in a year. If you’re feeling energetic try taking double steps as this makes your muscles work harder and gets your heart pumping more.

7. Do you get your dinner from the nearest greasy spoon or is a pub lunch your daily treat. If you want to lose weight and save money why not plan ahead and start taking a packed lunch to work. You can then make sure you have all the healthy food your body really wants and needs to work properly. To give yourself extra motivation why not put the money you’ve saved into a jar and spend it on a weekend away or a nice meal.
We’re not saying it’s easy and even the best intentions can go out the window once you’re in the office dealing with the daily challenges. However, planning ahead and taking a little bit of time out for yourself each day may lead to improved productivity as you feel better and therefore perform better.

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