Celebrating African Women
Celebrating African Women

March is the Woman's History Month. ADUNAGOW Magazine will be dedicating its next issue to all the African Women in the world. To be part of this issue, fill in the sentence below in your own word:

"An African woman is _ _ _ because _ _ _".

Send your reply to editorial@adunagow.net before March 5, 2010. Don't forget to include your name and location. Feel free to attach a high resolution photo if available. Let's celebrate African women all around the world!

Thank you for your participation!

"Reaching Africans Around The Globe"

Become a Contributor

Do you have an article to share? Just write us back at editorial@adunagow.net and express your desire. That’s all it takes. If you love expressing yourselves through writing, you have a place in our team. We welcome new contributors everyday, although it takes dedication to be listed in the AMC List (ADUNAGOW Magazine Contributors’ list).

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