He led a simple life in a remote village in Haiti called Petion-Ville, where he was born. At the age of twelve, Jimmy moved to Paris to pursue a modeling career. He attended and finished school with a degree in Business.In his modeling pursuit, he started working in musical theatre in France and Spain, spending three years with a musical theater called “La Belle Epoque”.

He eventually became a successful international model, which paved the road to his coming to America in 1998. In Los Angeles, Jimmy did not waist time before finding acting roles, although small, in major movies, such as The Bourne Identity, and Derailed. His multiple abilities and talents exposed him to much bigger roles, and eventually led him more roles among Hollywood top stars. He went on to shoot “Tears of the sun” with Bruce Willis and Monica Belluci, “Hollywood Homicide” with Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnet, “Monster-in-law” with Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez and “The Miracle match” with Patrick Stewart, Wes Bentley and Gerard Butler. He played the lead role in “Phat Girlz” starring opposite Mo’Nique Imes Jackson as her love interest.

One of his favorite quotes from Jimmy sums it all up: “From a young boy growing up in Haiti, living with no electricity or running water, my journey to Hollywood has been rich with experience. I take little for granted and appreciate the beauty of life, knowing that there is so much more to learn.” By 2006, Jimmy was far from his first job, a Coca Cola commercial, which he landed after being spotted dancing in a club. He was a true Hollywood actor , completing 3 movies “Loaded”, “The Adventures of Power”, and “The Diary of a Tired Black Man.” The same year, he stars in the hit show that will bring him more success than all his previous endeavours combined; he takes the role of “The Haitian” in the NBC hit series “Heroes.”


On September 25, 2006, NBC premieres "Heroes," an amazing science fiction drama television series created by Tim Kring. It tells the story of a group of people who gets to realize that they are more than just ordinary; they carry incredible powers that can alter the course of the planet. It does not take long before the show becomes a major hit. The series is pretty much like an American comic book coming to life, beautifully. The series is such a hit that it attracts more than 14 million viewers in the United States alone on its first season, the highest rating for any NBC drama premiere in five years.

The second season premiered on September 24, 2007 with a much bigger audience. Although, like many others series, it is affected by the writer’s strike, which led the studio to only air 11 of the 24 shot episodes.


Jimmy plays the role of "the Haitian," one of the fictional character on Heroes, which the name is still yet to be revealed. The Haitian carries multiples abilities, with the main one being the ability to inhibit other people powers. He controls the mind and can wipe out memories of his adversaries. He believes his powers are God’s gift and carries much respect on them. As a boy, he accidentally wiped out the heads of nearby villagers. His full abilities are yet to be revealed to the audience and we may see more of him in the upcoming Season 3.

According to the Jimmy, the Haitian was originally supposed to be from New Zealand and referred to as "The Kiwi." He also revealed to us that he originally auditioned three times for the role of D.L. Hawkins, which he did not get. After being chosen for the position, the writers had to re-adjust the character to fit Jimmy’s backgrounds; thus, the creation of "The Haitian."

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