Miss Africa USA

Photos credits Miss Africa USA Beauty Pageant

This year Miss Africa USA Pageant celebrates 10 years of empowering young women as Leaders and Goodwill Ambassadors. It's a milestone, a history the organization and its entire team are very proud of, having mentored over 2000 young women who have gone through the Pageant.  Several of these beautiful and intelligent women have started their own Foundations of Goodwill and continue to be great role models in society.  They learned the American way of volunteerism and continue to work as advocates for various Social Causes, making a difference in their communities.

The Pageant goes global this year in celebration of the 10th anniversary. This year international delegates and national title holders will be accepted from Africa and around the world to compete for Miss Africa USA-International Crown.

The organization has also introduced the Miss Africa USA Talented Teen Crown as well as Mama Africa USA Crown for mothers with a passion for Africa. and of Course Miss Africa USA the original Crown  still stands. One Big Event and 4 Amazing Queens to be Crowned.

An exciting grand celebration will be showcased this August in Washington DC and Maryland. The week long Pomp and Pageantry aims to show the world how diverse and beautiful Africa is. The beautiful and Intelligent Pageant delegates will seize the opportunity to highlight important issues affecting Africa today such as the fight against Ebola, the fight to #BringbackourGirls the fight for Clean Water for Africa and several other causes, remind all citizens of Africa and the world of our collective responsibility to contribute to the development of Africa because Africa is Rising.

Sponsors, Vendors, Volunteers are welcomed to contact the organization via telephone at +1 240 440 2166 or send email to missafrica2006@aol.com  www.missafricausa.org

Potential Delegates, can register online at the pageant website mentioned above. Its Our Africa, Our Motherland.

ADUNAGOW Magazine has always been proud to support this wonderful event, among others that takes place in the USA, bringing together Africans and non-Africans, to celebrate the beauty of Africa and its people. You do not want to miss this one.

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