African Proverb of the Day – 2


"If you are ugly you must either learn to dance or make love." ~ Zimbabwe

This is a very good one. There is a true wisdom key hidden within these words; and it has nothing to do with dancing and making love. First of all, these two acts are mentioned because it captures the African high interests and natural skills. When it comes to dancing and making love, Africans stand out high - we are after all, the cradle of Humankind.

Dancing is a part of every ethnic groups and tribes. Show me how you dance and I can tell you which part of Africa (down to the tribe level) you come from.  Dancing, especially traditional and folkloric dances, always have a meaningful purpose and are communication tools. We dance when we mourn, when someone gives birth, when harvest time comes, and much more. African cultural dances celebrate every aspect of our existence.

The second part expresses how passionate Africans are; we make love in everything we do. Africans eat, argue, love, and even hate passionately.

This proverb captures the essence of the African man and woman to communicate a very good wisdom key: If you lack one particular skill, you need to learn (enhance) your inner gifted skills. Every human being is good at doing at least one thing. As part of a society, we should learn to cultivate our inner skills so that we can contribute to our communities.

Tell us what you think about this African proverb and provide us with your interpretation. Comments are now open.

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