African of the Week: Rhode Bath-Schéba MAKOUMBOU

Rhode Bath-Schéba MAKOUMBOURhode Bath-Schéba MAKOUMBOU , Painter / Sculptor

Born on August 29, 1976 in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. As a child her father, painter David MAKOUMBOU, initiated her in the art of painting. She really engaged in art since 1989.

In her paintings and sculptures she emphasizes social activities of African women. Generally, she uses knifes to create her oil paintings.

Her works focus on preserving African traditions through art, by creating representations of rural life scenes, with an emphasis on celebrating the essential role of women in those societies, and excel in realistic and cubic style.

Since 2002, she creates sculptures from compound materials (sawdust and wood glue), some of which are over 3 meters (9.84  feet).

Rhode Bath-Schéba MAKOUMBOU
Art by Rhode Bath-Schéba MAKOUMBOU

As from 2003, she started an important international career, and exposes now in the whole world.

In ten years, she has participated in 203 collective and individual exhibitions in the world, not to mention his 20 stakes in his native country.

She has already participated in exhibitions in Congo Brazzaville, Gabon, France, Belgium, Niger, Cameroon,  United States, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Germany, Senegal, Morocco, Spain, Luxembourg, Sweden, Nederland, Switzerland, Canada and Qatar.

 Official website of the artist : http://www.rhodemakoumbou.eu 

Rhode Bath-Schéba MAKOUMBOU
Arts by Rhode Bath-Schéba MAKOUMBOU


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