MAY/JUN 2012 Issue:

  • Water Cooler Talk - Do we have any African "Town" in the US?
  • Fashion: Kutowa Designs
  • POEM: Dream Lives On
  • Taste of Africa - IJo Designs founder Joelle K. Allen is bringing a taste of Africa in Indianapolis.
  • African Arts in All Its Forms - When it comes to Arts, Africa stands out.
  • Cell Phone - Choosing a cell phone plan that can work for you.
  • HEALTH - How stress affects your immune system.
  • COOKING - African Samosas Recipe.
  • TECH - Top 5 hottest gadgets.


  • KATIA CADET - Singer/Songwriter
  • Claret Onukogu - Nollywood actress
  • Anthonia Nkem Emegha - 2012 Miss Africa Netherlands Beauty Pageant Winner
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