Urban Soul Artist Releases Controversial Visual for First Single

Naira - Fearless "The Art of Letting Go"

Atlanta raised by way of Nigeria, NAIRA is a vocalist of many different genres, hence the creation of urban soul to help define the fusion of her work. Her newest music video for "Fly Hustle Fresh Grind," from the new album Fearless: The Art of Letting Go, is a visual representation of her present thoughts on the operations of the industry she is pursuing a career in.
Music, conspiracy theories, subliminal messages, poison, failure, doubt, destiny, and perseverance are all common threads in the new comic book adventure-esque video presentation by NAIRA.

Directed by D'Vanti, Naira's visual perspective, the conspiracy theory filled music video unravels NAIRA's pursuit to foil a company's plan to embed harmful subliminal messages in over 42,000 music albums. The fast-paced, action packed video with the pressure of an intoxicating uptempo leaves the listener and viewer on their toes the entire time.
Not many artists have used the opportunity of the industry's lax music video presentation to their advantage in this new year. NAIRA is taking the chance to show fans, supporters, and the like how visual art needs to be a mainstay amongst musical artists. "Fly Hustle, Fresh Grind" discusses the many questions we all have regarding the music that is marketed and distributed to us.
Notably a world traveler, Naira represents a ‘tour guide’ of sorts on her upcoming project as she collaborates with globally accomplished artists such as Naeto C, Sasha P and other internationally recognized artists. She and her co-stars give you a methodic glimpse of what exists outside your doors. A musical blend of their cultures, fashion, life and love. Her international attitude and diverse mindset that is seen throughout this video sets the standard for any anticipated videos for the new year.
With a current view count of well over 3,000 and more than 100 blog posts her work, NAIRA is well on her way to a greater online presence and solid fan base. You can view the video here:

Indeed a quad threat, NAIRA’s Fearless: The Art of Letting Go is her 3rd studio album. She artistically weaves a well fitting pattern of love, pain, strength and energy into a powerful punch with her individualistic style of music coined: Urban Soul. Radio mogul and industry pioneer Jerry Boulding affirms that with her forte, she produces nothing short of “compelling songs and infectious hooks.” The fusion of hip hop, r&b, soul, and
afropop in this album will certainly tickle your senses and inspire the hearts and minds of music lovers. Along with "Fly Hustle, Fresh Grind," hype dance cut "The Countdown" was featured on MTV's original movie “My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen.” When asked why she gave the album its name, NAIRA said "We all should harness our inner fortitude and go for what we want. Be Brave, Be Inspired, Be You: Be Fearless!"
Ngozi Isabelle Ahanotu

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