Special Invitation – Miss Africa Netherlands 2013-2014

It is that time of the year to hand over my crown to a new Queen who would be crowned on the 7th December 2013 at the prestigious Radisson Blu Hotel Amsterdam Airport.

After a successful reign as Miss Africa Netherlands 2011-2012 Queen with platforms to speak out against Breast Ironing and FGM, I am most convinced it is now time to hand over the crown.

I am therefore inviting you to join us in this historic once in a life time event which would mark the election and crowning of Miss Africa Netherlands 2013-2014.

The beautiful contestants/delegates are representing their respective nations therefore bringing out Africa's beauty in its diversity. Each contestant has a platform which she would stand for and execute as Miss Africa Netherlands 2013-2014.

You are therefore invited to witness and participate in the election and crowning of our next Miss Africa Netherlands Queen (Miss Africa Netherlands 2013 2014)

You would agree with me that, Africa has clearly come a long way and still has huge potential for growth and development. Through Miss Africa Netherlands, we look forward to impacting the continent positively and leaving behind an enduring and praiseworthy legacy.

Mindful of the fact that the African woman plays a key role in educating their
children, her contribution to the advancement of the continent cannot be adequately overemphasized and should never be underestimated. Through the Miss Africa Netherlands Pageant, we remain highly committed to advancing this cause.

We are hereby, presented with a unique opportunity to promote the educational as well as professional career of many young, enchanting, dynamic, enthusiastic, strong and committed African women. Why not join is in this honorable, just and humane event?

Investment for this great event is €25 and €30 at the door. Please contact us for your (VIP) ticket reservations. This can be done via e-mail.

While looking forward to seeing you on the 7th December, I would like to seize this opportunity to wish you and yours, compliment of the season.

Kind Regards

Anthonia Emegha

Pageant Coordinator & Miss Africa Netherlands 2011-2012 | Miss Africa Netherlands | KvK Amsterdam 50561472 | ABN AMRO: 539930946 | E a.emegha@missafricanetherlands.com  | www.missafricanetherlands.com |



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