Alec Lomami Debut Single “Kinshasa”

Alec Lomami debut single "Kinshasa"

AFRICA IS FULL OF GREATNESS. I sometime believe that every African is extremely gifted, especially when it comes to Arts such as music, dancing, paintings, and writing. With so many blessed talents, it is very common that someone great passes us by without being noticed at all. That is one of the reason why ADUNAGOW Magazine exists; it showcases talented Africans living among us all as normal as anyone can be, yet inside they carry with them true raw talents, waiting to be unveiled.
When Alec Lomami submitted his music piece called “Kinshasa” to our Musical Editorial group for review on his upcoming album, I thought that this would be just another one of those common African American raps sung by an African boy. Yet, I was totally wrong.

This music piece, sung in French, had more than just an up beat to it; the lyrics contained a very captivating subject that almost every African immigrant in the United States could relate to at one point of their lives. At the beginning, the repeating refrain in the background (“Naza mwana Kin”, translated to English from Linguala as “I’m a child from Kin” [Kin=kinshasa, capital of the Democratic republic of Congo) could lure you to thinking that this is another lame song, until you start listening to the rap from Alec.

It talks about his reminescence of life in Kinshasa before leaving his hometown for the pursuit of a better life in the United States, seduced by the American dream. At one point, he talks about how he dreamnt of making it big in the U.S.A. like Dikembe Mutombo, the retired superstar Congolese Basketball player from Kinshasa who played for the Houston Rockets NBA team prior retiring as the oldest NBA player at the time of his most recent season.

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