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“And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne; and books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of the things which were written in the books, according to their works” – The Book of Revelations 20:12

What would you do if you knew that your life story is being written into a book? What would you do or say differently? Yes, everyone’s life is a story based on your actions. It will be put up into the book of books. What story are you telling? How will it start and end? If people were to read it what will they say about your story?

The book of Revelations say that ‘and books were opened.’ I believe these are our life story books. There will be the book of Kudzi, the book of Elizabeth, the book of Spiwe or the book of Taka etc. Each month, year or season of your life is a chapter of your book.

Just like the Bible, books will be classified into sections. There will be books of songs, books of leadership, books of courage, sacrifice, faithfulness etc. And there will be books of defeat, books of laziness, book of foolishness, books of losers or cheaters etc. With the world population of over 7 billion, every section will surely be covered.


The question I have today is which section will your book be, faith section or worry section, winners section or losers, faithful section or liars section or fornication section. Some books will be filled with things one must not to do, that is, people learn from the mistakes, failures or foolishness in the books. Some will be an example of a life well lived.

Friends, as we live each day know that your life story is a book being written. Some of you have to end this chapter and turn the story around in the next chapter so that you can have a good ending. If the current chapter is not good, end it and start the next chapter on a good note. If your chapter is small and nothing is happening, find things to do. Fill your book with good things.

As for me, I want to write a book that will be remembered for generations to come. I want my book to be outstanding. I want my book to be the most read book, a book that will inspire and change lives, a book that will show uncommon courage and victory in impossible situations, a book the will show success when all odds are against you.

Remember that you are writing a book as well. How do you want the story to be? Write it with your heart. Make the story alive like the story of Joseph or Daniel in the Bible. May your story show determination, patience, joy and even laughter. May your book be called ‘the book of turn around’ or ‘the book of love’ or ‘the book of praise’ or ‘the book of true friendship’ or ‘the book of community changers.’ Live a life that is worth to be a good book. May heaven be amazed by your book.

Don’t you want them to say ‘my life changed when I read the book of Kenneth.’ Someone to advice a friend saying, ‘in order to overcome what you are faced with you need to read the book of Allen for strategies.’ Friends, this is your book. No one can write it for you. You are writing the story each minute, word by word, line by line. Write it with all that you have, because at the end it’s your book that will remain.


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Taka Sande is an author, and a social and economic entrepreneur who facilitate social, spiritual and economic development. He has a passion for making a difference by influencing and adding value to people’s lives. He is the founder of the blog It’s My Footprint, You can also follow him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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