To mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the nonprofit organization LE HESED in collaboration with a couple of local organizations hosted an impressive event with Reverend Jesse Jackson as the guest speaker. The event was held on Sunday March 18th, 2012 at the Birmingham Palace in Brussels, the capital of Europe. The Reverend Jesse Jackson was accompanied by the director for International Affairs of Rainbow Push, Mr. James Gomez.
Nearly a thousand people from all races and different parts of Belgium and Europe assembled to condemn various forms of discrimination in Europe, Africa and around the world. The event directed by the outstanding presence of the Reverend Joseph Kasongo Bondo, a member of LE HESED’s board of directors, was marked by three crucial phases.
First, a dozen Afro-European gospel groups successively delivered exceptional presentations of different styles that lead the audience into a remarkable experience of communion. The performing groups were: Corps du Christ, Les Héritiers, Sister Bénédicte, Sister Sandra Mbuyi, EMJY, Brother Djino Lukala, Source du Salut, Brother René Lokwa, Les Chérubins, By Faith Choir, NJL Choir and Anne Marie Abia.
During the first part of the event, one after another, leaders from Europe and Africa raised prayers on the podium against the devastating effect of discrimination worldwide. Dr. Siméon Kubulana Matendu, Pastor Richard Onebamoi, Pastor Luke Henrist and Pastor Marcel Kabisekela took turn to pray for peace and justice in Europe, Africa and throughout the rest of the world.
The second part of the evening was marked by speeches of the Deputy Mayor of the Brussels parliament, Mr. Bertin Mampaka and Reverend Jesse Jackson. Mr. Bertin Mampaka paid a tribute to Reverend Jesse Jackson, a comrade of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and delivered a captivating testimony. He noted that Rev. Jackson is a true inspiration for him and many of our contemporaries. Indeed, Mr. Mampaka stated that despite Reverend Jesse Jackson’s age, he never gets tired of traveling in different continents to firmly denounce discrimination and promote peace.

MAR/APR 2012 Issue

ADUNAGOW Magazine: MAR/APR 2012 Issue

MAR/APR 2012 Issue of ADUNAGOW Magazine. Exclusive interview with Recording artist NAIRA. Also in this issue, the new South Africa's Afro-Soul Queen Lira's bio, and coverage of the upcoming Africa Movie Academy Awards 2012. Much more inside!

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