2009 Media kit

Target Audience

There are an estimated 4.6 million Africans living outside Africa, basing themselves all over the world. The most popular destinations for expatriate Africans include Europe and North America.

Audience Profile

The audience we serve fits the following profile:

Well educated - Majority of Africans abroad have a tertiary education. They often migrate to seek further education and better living.

Well traveled - Most typical Africans have traveled to more than two countries before settling somewhere.

Technology aware - Africans rely on technology to stay  in touch with their origins. They use the internet and magazines to make decisions and as well as seek information. Online trading and purchasing is now a vital activity for many Africans abroad.

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A Continental African traces his or her presence in the US to migration from specific countries in Africa. This includes persons born in the United States. Continental Africans overwhelmingly retain direct ties to communities and continent of origin while they establish and maintain communities in US.

Continental Africans:

  • Continental Africans are by far the most educated minority in the US.  More than 49 % have a college degree.  Asian Americans are number 2, and Europeans are number 3 .That’s according to the 2000 US Census Bureau report.
  • There are more Nigerian Doctors in the US than in Nigeria
  • There are more Ghanaian doctors in Britain than in Ghana
  • 20% of Howard University’s School of Pharmacy graduates in 2005 were from Ethiopia including the Valedictorian.
  • African-born residents of the United States are sharing their prosperity here by sending more than $1 billion annually back to their families and friends. (NY Times, 2005)

What does this all mean for your business growth?

  • The Continental African population contributes an enormous amount to the US economy
  • One third of Continental Africans in the US are naturalized Americans, they are increasingly participating in the political system of the US
  • Africans are contributing in every sector of the American economy.
  • More Africans have migrated to the US since 1990 than in nearly the entire preceding two centuries
  • Continental Africans are the most recent of immigrants, very attached to their continent
  • Most speak another language besides English
  • They eat their ethnic foods
  • They have certain traditions that they still carry out in their new home
  • Most Continental Africans are technologically skilled