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Open Questions for Fally Ipupa – Upcoming Interview

ADUNAGOW Magazine will be interviewing Fally Ipupa for an upcoming issue next year. We’re giving an opportunity to our registered users to submit their questions to Fally. If you’re registered, just login and then fill the comment form below and leave your question. If you’re not registered, please visit our registration page and register today.

Celebrity Bio – Claret Onukogu

Claret Onukogu is a 24 year old woman from Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria who was born as the first child out of six children to Ray and Kathryn Onukogu. Some of the adjectives used to describe her include enthusiastic, spiritual, charismatic, intelligent, humble, ambitious, independent, goal-oriented, friendly, graceful, optimistic, outspoken, hard-working, open-minded, courageous, and multicultural. She spent her early childhood in Nigeria where she completed her nursery, primary and part of her secondary education.

Mar/Apr 09 Issue is Now Available

Mar/Apr 2009 Issue
Mar/Apr 2009 Issue

The second issue of 2009. Login to download your free electronic copy. You can click the Buy Now Link to get the hard copy. New Look. Plenty of articles and information worth acquiring.

Interview with:

Sheryl Gambo - Congolese singer and song writer.

Africa 101 - From A to Z
Central African Republic


Mar/Apr 2009 Issue Coming Out This Week-end

Mar/Apr 09 Issue Coming soon
Mar/Apr 09 Issue Coming soon


IT'S ABOUT TIME! - The March/April 2009 Issue of ADUNAGOW Magazine will be out this week-end. Make sure to log in this Week-end and download your copy.

DID YOU KNOW? Hard copy prints are also available on demand by clicking on the BUY MAGAZINE button above. If you enjoy the electronic copy, you will fall in love with the paper publication for sure!

Special Mention in this coming Issue:

  • Featured Interview with Sheryl Gambo
  • Anthoney Wright Revealed - His debut Album "Feet On The Ground" is Coming out Soon
  • Squeeze It In Please - "Ready To Bust" Clothing
  • "Married" At Night - Nocturnal Spouses Revealed


What an amazing year 2008 has been for ADUNAGOW Magazine! Our editorial team provided amazing contents, great interviews with various African celebrities, and a superb interaction from our readers through feedback and article submittals. We thank every single one of our readers and subscribers - visitors included! - for keeping us online and believing on our vision.

Yes, Africans should never been see the same way as before: stereotyped as lazy, low class, un-educated, and coming straight out of the jungle. We are the next generation of Africans that make the change in the world.

With that said: we welcome year 2009 with great passion and confidence that this is the Year of Africa and Africans! This is The Year of victory and change. Our theme for this year is AFRICA: THE NEXT BIG THING.

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Advertisers: 2009 Media kit Released

2009 Media kit
2009 Media kit



The year 2009 is just around the corner. In order to help our advertisers with their 2009 marketing planning, we are releasing our magazine media kit with all needed information.

For more information regarding obtaining a hard copy via mail, please call us at 714.612.2057 or contact us via our e-mail address:

We thank you for your business and cooperation. Reserve your spot today because tomorrow may be too late!


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Link: AM 2009 MEDIA KIT